Training Experience : 2 Years
Training Experience
Good knowledge of proper form fundamentals, progressive overload, nutrition, weight loss, etc.
6 Years Dance Training
Training Skills
  • Bodybuilding 87 %
  • Weight Loss 93 %
  • Muscle Building 100 %
  • Powerlifting 96 %

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Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or view, goof off, drink on the job, even spend the day in pajamas

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]My name is Breianna and I have been a trainer here at Self Made for 3 years. After going through a transformational journey myself, I found a love for fitness and health and wanted to help women feel more confident in their journey and their bodies as a whole. I specialize in helping women get into the best shape of their lives, and to do it without it being depriving or miserable. As women we are taught to “eat less” and do lots of cardio and the diet culture that is out there is detrimental to say the least. Instead, I want to help women to have an understanding of their bodies and build a strong mindset around fitness, health, nutrition, and goal setting. We do this together through weight training programs, HIIT or steady state cardio styles, nutrition help, supplementation guides, and more. My goal is for every woman I work with to walk away with an understanding of fitness, the gym, and to know just how strong their minds truly are. I offer 1 on 1 coaching, partner training (bring your own partner), and group training classes. On Saturday at 10 AM I host a Booty bootcamp that is available to all levels and all you have to bring is a positive mindset and some water! I also host a weight training class Tuesday evenings at 8 PM. All of my classes and coaching are women only so you can feel comfortable and safe! Feel free to email me or reach out on my Instagram to schedule a session or to drop into a bootcamp![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]