Alex Gonzales – ISSA Certified Personal Trainer in Las Vegas

Alex Gonzales – ISSA Certified Personal Trainer in Las Vegas

I’m Alexis (Alex) Gonzales, your Las Vegas personal trainer. Growing up in this city, surrounded by a community of hustlers, I was motivated to rewrite my story. My journey began post-pandemic with a strong desire to reclaim control over my life. Battling depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. After transforming my life, it gave me the perspective and ability to give back to those who didn’t have the same opportunities. I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power, this is what led me to become a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and glute specialist, while still pursuing an ongoing education.
What distinguishes me is my emphasis on holistic self-improvement, serving not just as your trainer but as a mentor. With my consistent support, we will guide you through a transformation—physically, mentally, and emotionally. At the core, we’ll reshape your habits and daily routines. We’ll replace self-sabotaging habits with ones that work to empower and support you as an individual, addressing areas like food tracking, improving sleep, and boosting discipline without having to compromise what matters to you.

In my experience, I’ve assisted clients in shedding pounds of fat, sculpting muscles, and exploring different fitness approaches in order to achieving long-lasting results. Our wellness check-ins work to navigate mental and emotional obstacles hindering your full potential. Through strength, endurance, and functional training, my aim is to elevate you to your peak athletic ability. Let me assist you in regaining control of your life. While my passion and hard work speak volumes, it’s your results that will show how capable you really are!

Together, we can accomplish the “impossible.” Contact me today for your free consultation and take the first step. It’s your choice—either day one or one day.

Heather Hernandez – Boxing Trainer

NCSF Personal Trainer – My name is Heather Hernandez. I’m a boxing & fitness trainer, born & raised here in Las Vegas, Nevada. I grew up playing sports, basketball & softball and have always lived a very active, health conscious life. I went on to receive college scholarships in basketball, softball & track, where I studied psychology & exercise science while attending school in Oregon.
I then moved back home to Vegas after I was done with college. This was the first time in my life I had no sports to participate in, my mother had unexpectedly passed away my freshmen year in college and so, again, for the first time in my life I felt extremely lost with no direction or purpose. I started working at my local gym and was recruited to join a women’s tackle football league and started boxing. Although I loved both of these post college sports, and being apart of a team again, boxing is where I really excelled the most. I was a natural and boxing really became my outlet to channel all the anger & depression I was still feeling from my mom’s passing.

I got connected with an extremely high level coach who saw something in me and so he took me on. He was a national champion in Cuba, where he was from. He then came to America where he had a successful pro boxing career. He allowed me to join his team which was all guys, both amateur & professional. I was the only girl on the team but I held my own. I trained & conditioned with them six days a week for two hours a day throughout the years of my fighting career.

At one of my fights a USA National Boxing Coach saw me & recruited me to come and train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs! This was one of the happiest moments of my boxing career but unfortunately about six weeks later I blew my knee out playing football, fully torn ALC which required surgery and a long road to rehab.
I had surgery and then returned to sport a bit too early, against my doctor’s recommendation but I was just so eager to get back to boxing and was also again being recruited for a Los Angeles women’s tackle football team. Due to returning back to my sports too early, I re-injured my newly operated on knee again and this time had to really sit my ass down for a while to properly recover.

This was about a two year process but through it all I really grew my passion for coaching and passing all of this knowledge & experience onto others, whether it be athletes, former athletes and also your regular every day people just looking to lead a healthier life style and become their most happy confident selves! It’s been a hell of a journey but I wake up every day feeling blessed and happy for the opportunity to teach and help people as much as I can with these gifts.

Joe Tavare – Personal Trainer in Las Vegas

Joe Tavare – Personal Trainer in Las Vegas –

A Fight Trainer, A Life Coach, A Transformation Mentor: Meet Joe TavareIn the vast landscape of personal development, Joe is a veteran in the fitness world, known for his exceptional ability to guide individuals towards transformation. A passionate fitness and self-development coach with over a decade of experience. He has trained a diverse array of individuals from professional fighters, professional athletes, military members, business executives, high school wrestlers, adults looking to lose weight, and kids development camps.

At heart, he feels he is just like many of you. Joe’s own life journey has been a testament to his resilience and determination. He faced challenges that would have broken most individuals. In the beginning he struggled with weight issues, tipping the scales at 326 lbs. Through dedication and perseverance, he transformed himself and eventually competed at a lean 155 lbs in mixed martial arts. In the peak of his fighting and fitness career, life threw him a curveball: a devastating car accident that severely damaged his L4 & L5 vertebrae left him without being able to walk. This setback could have ended his love for physical fitness, but instead, it pivoted his career. No longer set on just competing, he now dedicates his life to coaching and training others, helping them achieve their best selves both in person and online.

As an NPC Judge and a guru in the art of bodybuilding, he sculpted bodies to perfection. “I keep an all-natural approach focusing on calories, protein, hydration, and individually tailored workouts based on each individual’s needs.” The amount of focus and dedication to training for bodybuilding is very difficult and grueling but also very rewarding. Joe has found that many of his regular clients chose to try a show as a goal after they have trained with him for more than a year because of the results they have gained and never realized could be reached. He also has seen clients use the show as a way to try something new and conquer fear of being in front of others.

Joe’s expertise isn’t just limited to the fitness gym. He’s been honored to train fighters in strength & conditioning, rehabilitation, and fight strategy. Additionally, he’s worked on hand-to-hand combat and jiu-jitsu programs for the military and local police. He has developed approved exercise / stretching routines for office workers as well as provided private jiu-jitsu and self-improvement sessions for business executives in multiple major cities including Seattle, Austin, Tampa and Las Vegas. When it comes to safety, bodyguards and security teams come to him to learn risk mitigation, self-defense, and the art of de-escalation or what’s fondly known as ‘Verbal Judo.’ He’s even been honored to have taught self-defense seminars to police and first responders. One reason he is so versatile and sought after is his approach to training each person based on their unique body type and mental state. Whether it’s for group sessions or one on one, each program is handcrafted based on individual assessments and overall goals, making each a custom personal plan.

Beyond the physical, over the past seven years, He’s expanded his services to encompass self-development and has been referred to as a fixer. While health and fitness remain at the core, he works closely with clients on building self confidence, refining speech patterns, and enhancing body language. He focuses on transforming individuals into leaders, teaching them to command trust and respect from their peers as well as themselves. Together, he helps set goals, carve out milestones, and introduce systems of consequences and rewards, ensuring his clients are as mentally fit in their personal and professional lives as they are in their physical selves.

No matter where you are on your fitness or personal development journey, Joe is here to guide, support, and celebrate with you every step of the way. Let’s embark on this transformational journey together.

Mera Thomason – Womens, Strength & Conditioning Trainer

Mera Thomason – Womens, Strength & Conditioning Trainer – Hi! My name is Mera and I’ve been a personal trainer in Las Vegas for just over a year now. My journey began at a young age; growing up I played plenty of sports, but volleyball is what I pursued at the collegiate level. Post-college many life events took place, and my weight fluctuated from stress, inconsistent nutrition and sporadic exercise. I lacked knowledge of how to properly train and lost over 30lbs in the summer of 2016. Over the years I researched every “diet” and training program, making trial and error until I found what worked best for me. I truly kickstarted my fitness journey in summer of 2022, since gaining a healthy 20lbs. I’ve experienced the importance of training to live a sustainable lifestyle and enjoy helping others become the best version of themselves!
I specialize in strength training and conditioning, healthy weight gain/loss, functional training, and working with women. Fitness changed my life forever and I’d like to share my passion with everyone along the way. Life is meant to be enjoyable, healthy, and long.. Let’s work towards your goals together!

Mike Schmitz – Personal Trainer in Las Vegas, NV

Certified Master Trainer  – Mike Schmitz is the driving force behind Dedication PT and he has been working with athletes of all levels for over 25 years in Wisconsin and Las Vegas Nevada! As a Sports Performance Specialist, Mike is skilled in increasing an athletes speed, agility, acceleration, and strength quickly and efficiently.
Mike’s experience and ability does not stop there. Mike continued his education and has received certifications as a Nutrition Specialist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Genetics Based Programming Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and as a Transformation Specialist.
Since spending much of his free time studying and learning, Mike became an Personal Trainer Instructor at a local Tech School in Las Vegas and taught advanced courses such in Performance Enhancement Specialist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Exercise Physiology, Corrective Exercise, and Anatomy and Physiology.
Mikes abilities extend beyond training athletes. He has had the pleasure of working with competitive fitness and bodybuilding athletes, collegiate and professional athletes, weight loss clients, lifestyle management clients, and has success in developing in person and online programs that get results.
Corrective Exercise is one of Mike’s biggest passions. Working with those who have suffered injuries or have general mobility issues is something he takes very seriously. Pain during movement is not normal and not a sign of getting older. No one should dread walking up stairs, reaching above their heads, or getting up from a chair due to pain. As a compliment to any physical therapy or chiropractic care, Mikes ability to increase a client’s mobility through Corrective Exercise is unmatched.
Mikes philosophy is ‘keep it simple’. Whether it be your nutrition plan or your training. Things don’t have to be mentally difficult or hard to understand. Let me worry about the science and you worry about being dedicated and committed. I’ll provide the road map to get you where you want to go!

Education and Certifications
• ISSA Certified:
• Master Trainer
• Corrective Exercise Specialist
• Strength and Conditioning Specialist
• Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist
• Fitness Nutrition Specialist
• Genetics Based Programming Specialist
• Transformation Specialist
• Fitness Trainer
• Continuing Education (CEU’s) on a regular basis

Personal Trainer in Las Vegas

Prentice Stone – ISSA Certified Trainer

Prentice Stone – ISSA Certified Trainer –

Established personal trainer and former boutique gym owner of PJ’s Fit Club, Pj is originally from Atlanta, GA with over 10 years of training experience. PJ has trained professional athlete’s, mother’s on their pre and postpartum journey, young athletes and all individuals in between! A former dual-sport collegiate athlete, PJ earned his B.S. and masters in exercise science and kinesiology. He believes in not only wanting his clients to feel great physically, but understands that long term health benefits come more from the mental component that creates that sustained happiness and confidence! If you want to build muscle, want to get stronger, improve athletic ability, or if you just want to lose or gain weight, PJ is the trainer for you! Even if you’re unsure about what your goals are PJ will work with you on an individualized plan to not only understand your fitness goals, but help you work towards achieving them and sustaining them.

Rayniqua Patrick – ISSA Certified Personal Trainer in Las Vegas

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer in Las Vegas – My name is Rayniqua, and for numerous years, I grappled with the challenge of losing weight, which significantly impacted my self-confidence. Despite attempts to engage in gym workouts, I found myself navigating the fitness landscape with a lack of guidance, leading to a frustrating yo-yo effect in my journey.

The turning point occurred on August 29th, 2022, when I committed to a fitness challenge. Through this experience, I discovered a profound connection with fitness, igniting a passion within me. It wasn’t merely about physical transformation; it became a source of purpose, granting me a sense of belonging that had eluded me before.

My struggle with anxiety and depression found an unexpected savior in fitness, a beacon that ultimately saved my life. The gratitude I feel for this transformative power of fitness is immeasurable. For me, the impact extends beyond the physical realm; it delves into the intricacies of mental well-being. I’ve come to understand that we all possess the inherent power to achieve greatness; the challenge lies in unlocking that potential.

In my journey, I’ve cultivated a personal mantra: we all have the power to be great, most just don’t know how to tap in. Motivated by this philosophy, my overarching goal is not only to assist others in reshaping their bodies but to facilitate a holistic transformation encompassing mind and soul. Through sharing my story, I aspire to inspire others to embark on their own transformative journeys, fostering a positive change that extends far beyond the confines of the physical self.

Reese Idica – Jiu Jitsu & MMA Personal Trainer & Coach

My name is Reese Idica. I was born and raised on Oahu Hawaii.
Started my career in the Martial Arts at 13 years old. Practiced in the Arts of Kenpo, Muay Thai, Kali, Jun Fan JKD, wrestling, Boxing, and shootfighting.

In 1997 I was influenced by the early days UFC and a friend of mines to try out Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I also Began competing in in-house MMA gym competitions (since mma at the time was not well received in the communities and the public)

In 2001 I moved to Las Vegas. I became a student of the First Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/MMA school of Las Vegas called “Jsect” owned by former UFC fighter John Lewis (also known as a pioneer of MMA and the owner of the MMA show called World Fighting Alliance). John was instrumental in the merging of the Fertittas buying the UFC. He was also their first Jiu Jitsu Teacher.

I’ve trained with world class MMA Fighters and Grapplers such as John Lewis, Marc Laimon, Sim Go, Sonny Nohara, Kimo Leopoldo, Marvin Eastman, Rafael Lovato, Carlos Newton, Gilbert Yvel, Jeff Glover, Frank Trigg, Razor Rob McCullough, Vitor Shaolin Ribeiro, Renato Charuto Verissimo, Marc Bocek, Kendall Grove, AJ Scales, Bernardo Pitel, Cesar Pedrini, Andre Marola, Gustavo Dantas, KJ Kama, and more…

I am also Certified as a Black Belt and Affiliated under the powerhouse team in Brazilian Jiu jitsu and the UFC called “Nova Uniao” aka New Union. I assisted teaching at Fight Capital Gym (formerly JSect) June of 2013 and began my Journey as a Black Belt on January of 2015.
Since then I have opened up under my own BJJ academy called Nova Uniao Las Vegas/ Rivals BJJ.

I have also been a Law Enforcement Official for 1 9 years. I instruct my own Defensive Tactics Lesson Plan For Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies and have the only jiu jitsu based P.O.ST. Approved Certification in Nevada.

Robert Brown – Body Transformation Coach in Las Vegas

Robert Brown – Body Transformation Coach in Las Vegas –

I believe that fitness is not just about physical health, but also mental well being. I have been a certified personal trainer since 2001, and have been designing top-rated fitness programs in Las Vegas since 2006. I will help you achieve your fitness goals while empowering you to become a healthier, happier version of yourself. I offer personalized training programs, nutritional guidance, and ongoing support to ensure that you reach your full potential. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, I have the tools and expertise to help you succeed in a quiet, private facility. I will work with you to create a personalized plan that is tailored to your individual needs and goals. I offer a variety of training programs, including strength training, cardio, and functional fitness, to help you achieve your desired results.

Stephen Rolon – Boxing and Fitness Personal Trainer

My name is Stephen Rolon, I am a Boxing Coach in the Amateur, Professional and Fitness Sports Industry with a passion to teach, mentor, and encourage youth and adults. I am also a current athlete in the sport of Boxing who Coaches, Guides, and Empowers other athletes and fitness enthusiast to reach optimum athletic and personal success by providing training sessions with a dynamic and engaging boxing workouts to develop self-defense, skills, technique, endurance, and strength to reach fitness or competitive goals all while maintaining a positive and competitive training environment. I have also developed and implemented boxing programs for the youth with after-school activities to empower confidence and discipline through the art of Boxing.

I have gained my knowledge and skills for boxing throughout the years that I have dedicated to this sport. I competed in Amateur Boxing events and trained with other Amateur Boxers and Professionals. I still currently compete in Amateur boxing, as a Master Boxer which is for 35 years and older. I was born in Long Beach, and raised in San Pedro CA. I fell in love with the sport living and training in Los Angeles, but I moved to Las Vegas about 4 years ago to pursue my dream and goals in the Boxing industry.

Boxing has been part of Mine and my Family’s life for about a few years now, but I have fully committed to training and competing for the last 6 years. My story is a bit different from your typical boxer who usually starts at a young age. I started Boxing at the age of 30, some will say that is a very late age to start competing in the sport especially for a married family man such as myself. I say that its never too late to reach any goals or fulfill any dream!  When I first started my Boxing journey, I reached out to many coaches to get the guidance and training I needed. I was constantly rejected due to my age, and I was constantly used for my durability. Something that I will never forget, that I do not regret hearing was that I should have started when I was younger and I should think about a different career. But I say, what does not break you makes you stronger! And that, I can attest too! I started by being an assistant coach to my mentor coach Calvin Gribble, who has over 30 years of coaching experience here in the Las Vegas region. He is one of the few coaches that believed in me and encouraged me to pursue my dream of being a fighter and a coach, when no other coach did. I am grateful to still have him be part of my boxing journey. I still work alongside with him by assisting him with his fighters.

My experience comes from different sources, I have had the opportunity to corner amateur bouts as well as professional fights in different states. What sets me apart from other coaches is that my whole family is involved, I train my children to compete in the amateurs and for self-defense and I also train my wife for the fitness aspect. I dedicate to teach boxing the way I feel boxing should be taught, by implementing true boxing fundamentals and techniques. I encourage all walks of life to take a Jab at it and come train with coach Steve and The 110 Boxing & Fitness Family, I wont only be your coach but I will also be your training partner training along-side with you, guiding you and encouraging you every step of the way!