Aaron McDaniel – Personal Trainer in Las Vegas

Personal Trainer in Las Vegas – Hey! My name is Aaron, and this is my story: It all started in the year 2011 as I approached the end of my junior year of high school football. It was a Friday night. Eager to make a play on kickoff coverage, I ran down to tackle the returner, I knocked him out of bounds, we slammed into the ground then I quickly realized I couldn’t move my left leg. Luckily, I was on my team’s sideline. I suffered from what I thought at the time, was a major leg injury but turned out to be a simple quad contusion.

No problem, right?…I thought it was the end of the world, but it only took 3-4 weeks to heal. Therapy with my athletic trainers and coaches involved some of the most painful experiences of my life but I’m thankful for it. I ultimately made a full recovery and continued playing the sport that I loved.But let’s backtrack.I’m originally from Rockford, IL. Growing up, there wasn’t much to do but be outside, play sports and get into trouble. After getting into trouble with the law as a kid, it didn’t take long to realize that was a dead end. I can confidently say, choosing organized sports saved my life.Fast forward:Prior to receiving my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at Northern Illinois University and becoming a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, I worked in an automotive factory, in fast food, even dabbled in car wash management.

When I tell you nothing is more satisfying than helping others like the way my coaches and trainers helped me, I mean it. During undergrad, my favorite volunteer opportunity was the CATCH Program, a childhood obesity awareness and nutritional education program in Sycamore, Illinois. Also, being one of the leaders of the NIU Exercise Science Club was an amazing experience. It put everything into perspective and prepared me for coaching in the real world.

Once I graduated and relocated to Las Vegas, I worked as a physical therapy technician. I immediately knew I wanted to pursue a career working with athletes that may have gone through what I went through. The path I’ve chosen requires patience and resiliency. There are plenty of ups & downs and the work is never done, but I am blessed to be in a position to help others and I look forward to helping you on your path to greatness!

Personal Trainer in Las Vegas

Adam Schindler – Fat Loss, Transformations and Fitness Longevity

Fat Loss, Transformations and Fitness Longevity – Hi, name is Adam and I specialize in fat loss, transformations, and fitness longevity. I have over 20 years of training experience. My personal training journey began in the United States Air Force back in 2003 as a PTL where I would design and facilitate group training workouts for my flight in the Cryptologic Systems Group on Lackland AFB.

Upon separation from the Air Force in 2008 I trained and competed in professional Mixed Martial Arts from 2008-2013 while facilitating strength and conditioning classes in the gyms I was part of, along with coaching specific arts such as wrestling for MMA, adult and children’s BJJ(GI and no Gi) and Muay Thai Kickboxing. In 2010 I spent 3 months training Muay Thai in Puket Thailand at Tiger Muay Thai completing the Advanced Level Training Course.

I retired from fighting in 2013 and coached MMA and grappling while finishing my Geography Degree at Texas State University. Upon graduation with my Bachelors of Science in Geography I took a job as an online nutrition and weight loss coach through an insurance provider and moved to Las Vegas. I coached online helping hundreds of clients achieve life changing weight loss through daily habits and lifestyle change from 2015-2019. In 2018 I began coaching group fitness once again in person and went back to full time in person training in 2019.

When the pandemic hit I created an online fitness program where I’ve helped over 100 clients change their lives through online workouts, nutrition coaching and daily accountability. I still facilitate this program to this day.

In 2022 I wanted to shift back into more in person training to create community and develop positive culture with my peers. I took a management position at a corporate gym in Las Vegas and built a great team but less than a year later I concluded that I am much more valuable as an independent trainer than I am managing other trainers careers, so I came back full time independent training her at Self Made Training Facility.

Now that I have just entered my 40’s in the best shape of my life, it is my goal to help every person that I work with to develop a lifestyle, a mindset and work ethic that will keep them strong, vibrant, and active for life. I want to extend not just the lifespan of every person I work with, but the health span of their life. My goal is to teach you how to be in the best shape of your life and the best version of yourself but it is also my goal to provide such an amazing atmosphere and experience that once you learn how to do it on your own, you’d still rather do it with me.

Give me a call or DM me on IG to set up a meeting and consultation.

Anthony Njokuani – Martial Artist & Personal Trainer in Las Vegas

I’m an professional mixed martial artist and MuayThai fighter, I currently competing in ONE Championship. I have been a professional competitor since 2001 and I also competed for both the WEC & UFC under the Zuffa banner for 7 years. By the age of 21, I become the North American Amateur MuayThai Champion; and at age 23, I started my MMA career, At the age of 24 I won the World Title in a Muay Thai Championship. From 2008 – 2014, I fought for the UFC. Winning numerous awards (3x knockout of the night, 1x fight of the night) and nominated for knockout of the year from Fighters Only Magazine. Shortly after leaving UFC in 2014 I began fighting for Triumphant, where I captured another world title. Now I’m signed with One Championship where I’m ranked 3# in the lightweight MuayThai/Kickboxing Division. Looking to capture another world title while creating my own world champion fighters

Ben Adena – Personal Trainer in Las Vegas

Personal Trainer in Las Vegas –

Meet Ben Adena: Your Performance Coach and Personal Trainer

Are you ready to embark on a fitness journey that’s tailored to your unique needs and goals? Look no further because Ben Adena, a seasoned performance coach and personal trainer, is here to guide you toward achieving your best self. With a remarkable array of certifications and a background steeped in sports and exercise science, Ben is a true expert in the field.

Ben’s track record speaks for itself. He has helped numerous individuals shed pounds, feel stronger overall, and assisted countless athletes including the NBA, WNBA and NFL in boosting their vertical jump, speed, and overall movement quality.

Ben’s journey into the world of fitness and coaching was ignited by his passion for sports and the transformative power of physical training. With a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology and an impressive lineup of certifications, including Applied Performance Coach, Precision Nutrition Certified, NASM Personal Training, EXOS Performance Specialist, DBC LVL 1 Biomechanics, NASM Corrective Exercise, and NASM Performance Specialist, Ben’s knowledge is both diverse and deeply rooted.

Having played sports from a young age, Ben understands the importance of athletic development and the role it plays in daily life. The gym isn’t just about sports; it’s a platform for transforming lives, instilling physical and mental well-being. Ben’s approach reflects this holistic view, where improved fitness enhances not only physical strength but mental fortitude as well.

What sets Ben apart is his versatility. He has honed his skills training athletes, from aspiring youth to seasoned professionals, while also guiding individuals on their weight loss and muscle-building journeys. Regardless of your fitness goals, Ben’s philosophy is clear: every individual is unique, and thus, every training program should be too. Your program will be tailored to you, ensuring sustainability and real results.

Everyone who joins Ben’s training program starts with a thorough assessment. This initial step delves into your history, goals, range of motion, and strength. With these insights, Ben crafts a program (Workout plan, mobility routine, and nutrition guidance) that’s just right for you, ensuring you get the most out of your fitness journey.

Beyond his dedication to fitness, Ben’s interests are as diverse as his training programs. He enjoys exploring new food places, watching sports, and traveling to different cities to immerse himself in their unique cultures.

Ready to transform your fitness journey? Connect with Ben Adena, and take the first step towards a healthier, stronger, and more vibrant you.

Personal Trainer in Las Vegas, Nevada

I myself went through a weight loss journey 5 years ago. I was battling depression anxiety and binge eating. After transforming my own eating habits and finding a passion for fitness, I now empower women to do the same. I host all womens bootcamps, online coach and mentor, private in person sessions, host retreats and workshops, and mentor personal trainers in building their businesses. Fitness has truly changed my life, and I want to change yours too.

Coach Drew – Boxing, Biomechanics & S&C Coach

Coach Andrew Lewis: Your Guide to Your Potential.

Andrew Lewis is not just any coach. He has over 10 years of experience in the world of martial arts, fitness and personal transformation. Holding credentials as a USA Boxing certified coach, biomechanics specialist, and an expert in movement and pain management, Andrew possesses a unique blend of skills that sets him apart.

People have different goals. Some want to lose weight. Some want to be stronger. Some just want to move without pain. No matter the goal, Andrew has a way to help. He believes that being fit is about more than just muscles. It’s about feeling good inside and out.

For the aspiring amateur boxers and martial artists out there, know that Andrew brings a refined focus to your needs. He deeply values the art of combat, understanding the precision, discipline, and mentality required to excel. At the core of his training philosophy, Andrew emphasizes mastering the fundamentals and basics. By clearing obstructions in technique and mindset, he equips you with the essential tools to transform into the fighter you envision yourself to be. Whether you’re preparing for a competitive bout or seeking to sharpen your martial skills, Andrew offers a platform where potential meets expertise.

When people train with Andrew, they notice big changes. They don’t just see their bodies change. They feel better about themselves. They believe they can do more. They become more confident at work. They build better friendships. They learn to think in a way that helps them succeed.

Andrew’s approach isn’t just about the physical side of things. He understands that the mind and spirit play big roles in our health. This means when you work with him, you’re getting more than just workout tips. You’re learning how to bring balance to your whole life. It’s this balance that makes people feel alive, driven, and ready to tackle any challenge.

Andrew’s love for boxing and martial arts philosophy is a big part of his teaching. But he doesn’t stop there. He knows that the way our bodies move, the food we eat, and the way we think all connect. So, he combines all of these to give people a full plan for success.

The best thing about Andrew? He never stops learning. He believes there’s always more to know. By learning, he can help people even better. If someone has a question or a problem, Andrew is on the hunt for the answer.

In our busy world, it’s easy to forget about taking care of ourselves. But with someone like Coach Andrew Lewis guiding the way, that journey becomes clearer. If you’re looking to change, to grow, or just to feel better every day, Andrew is the one to show you how.

Darran Hall – Professional MLB/NFL Athlete

My name is Darran Hall I’m a former professional athlete MLB/NFL who has energy and passion for helping every day people and young athletes become there very best.
Degree in exercise science Colorado state university
Drafted NFL Tennessee Titans
Drafted MLB Cincinnati Reds
HOF Lincoln high school San Diego
HOF Grossmont college San Diego
HOF Colorado State University
HOF Holiday Bowl
15 years experience in performance and fitness Training

Erik Soberano – Health & Fitness Coach in Las Vegas

Health & Fitness Coach in Las Vegas – Erik Soberano – If your goal is Fat Loss of 15-25lbs or Muscle Gain of 10-15lbs Coach Erik will create personalized workout programs and offer nutritional guidance to help build the lifestyle habits that will get you to become a better version of yourself. Health and Fitness coach. Professional Salsa & Bachata Instructor. More than a decade of military service in the Nevada Air National Guard since 2011.

The main foundation we must have are 4 things. 1) Set Your Goals
2) Develop Your Plan
3) Execute
4) Never Look Back.
Coach Erik uses the framework of S.M.A.R.T. Goals for every single one of his clients.

Coach Erik ensures each of his clients are proficient in the foundational movement patterns – Trunk Control, Squat, Lunge, Hip Hinge, Horizontal and Vertical Push and Pull. Once proficient, our goal is then Strength Training in each of those movements and slowly incorporate more challenging movements that require more coordination to keep the brain active and sharp. Increasing our Cardiovascular Endurance is a crucial component in fitness to where the baseline measurements will be your 400m distance run/walk/jog, 1,500m row and a timed 5 or 12 lap empty sled push and high-pull.

Gregory Rogers – Certified Personal Trainer in Las Vegas

I’m Greg, a true embodiment of Las Vegas’s vibrant spirit. Having been born and raised in the heart of Sin City, I’ve spent the last five years of my life as a Division 1 athlete. Now, as a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in weight loss and muscle building, I channel my passion for fitness into empowering others.

My journey began with the formulation of my own workout programs and nutritional planning after retiring from football in 2021. Which ultimately led me to shed over 55 pounds, and gave me a full recovery from having two broken legs in 2019.

What sets me apart is my inclusive approach to training. I welcome anyone and everyone, regardless of their background or fitness level, into my fold. My clientele ranges from seasoned athletes to the general public, prioritizing my commitment to making a positive impact on a diverse range of individuals.

My belief in the inherent potential of every person is the cornerstone of my coaching philosophy. I envision a world where everyone recognizes their ability to achieve something extraordinary. My mission is crystal clear: to empower my clients, instilling in them the unwavering belief and passion that drives them to be better every single day.

Outside of physical fitness, I prioritize mindset development. I understand that true transformation extends beyond the body and into the realm of confidence and mental resilience.

In me, you find not just a trainer, but a mentor who has walked the path and is still walking the path. My story is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and the unwavering belief in the potential within us all. As I continue to touch lives and shape futures, my impact on the world of fitness and personal development is more than just the physical side but also the mental side as well.

Whether you are new to fitness or looking to take your training to the next level, I am here to get you ready you every step of the way!

Let’s get started today. The first session/consultation is FREE!

Harry An – Weight Loss, Mass Gain, Glutes Specialist

Weight Loss, Mass Gain, Glutes Specialist – Seasoned personal trainer hailing from the vibrant fitness scene of Las Vegas, I boast a rich 4+ years of experience sculpting bodies and transforming lives. My niche lies in the art of glute training, where I’ve honed a specialized expertise. Beyond crafting enviable curves, I’m dedicated to guiding clients through weight loss journeys, bulking up endeavors, and holistic lifestyle transformations. Thriving on the thrill of each individual’s success, I’m genuinely excited to embark on empowering fitness journeys with all who are ready to make a change

Jacob Barfield – Personal Trainer in Las Vegas, NV

My name is Jacob Barfield, I have been a personal trainer for the past 8 years and have had hundreds of successful transformations and life changes. My biggest focus and goal is helping you have a better overall life. Not only do I want to help you reach your goal, but I want to develop a healthy mindset towards food and training. If the mind is on point, the body will follow. I specialize in Weight loss, strength and agility training, muscle building, functional and corrective training as well as I’m a certified nutritionist. I’ve done a 100 Pound weight loss transformation on myself. Since then I have competed in 10 bodybuilding shows. I also have a background in boxing and have competed in boxing matches. I am determined and confident I can help you reach your goal, change your life, change your mindset, and give the best possible experience in training. Let’s help you become the best version of yourself!

Jessica Gibbs – Owner of Las Vegas SMTF

Self Made Las Vegas is a home for Personal Trainers that want to Grow their business beyond the boundaries of the Corporate Fitness World. I help Trainers believe in their abilities and give them the tools to reach their highest potential. I help you develop your business. Here you are no longer just a Personal Trainer you are now a Business Owner. Let’s level up your business together.

Fitness has broken into the Relm of Mental and Physical Health and the opportunities that now present themselves are endless. Do you want to be apart of this thriving community? Whether you are an Athlete looking for your new trainer or a Trainer looking for a new home, I got you! Reach out today to set up a tour of our facility.

Justin Velicaria – Personal Trainer

Hi my name is Justin Velicaria. I am a Las Vegas Personal Trainer and a Natural bodybuilding pro athlete & high level powerlifting athlete at 75kg. With 8 years of training experience under my belt i had helped hundreds of people reach their fitness goals. Wether they be weightloss, fatloss, form correction, or education. I’ve done it all. One question that you should be asking yourselves when you are reading this… “are you ready to put in the work necessary to get to your goals?” Because i 1000% will put effort for you to get there. You just have to match it.
I do have many interests outside of the gym also; Anime, Sushi, Kbbq and of course, Working out.
In any of my other free time I love spending it with my family and hanging out with my doggo.
I service all Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

Kay Hay – Personal Trainer in Las Vegas

Personal Trainer in Las Vegas – How’s it going everyone my name is Kay, Originally born in Las Vegas. I moved around quite a bit so technically home for me was So Cal where I spent 20 years of my life. Spent time in multiple collegiate programs before I moved back here in 2019. I have spent 13 years of my life chasing a passion to play football, most of those years and experience/knowledge I culminated to becoming to best version of me on/off the field—it gave me a sense of direction and purpose to share my experience and wisdom unto others willing to learn more about pushing themselves into becoming someone they can say there proud of being. I began private training some close friends/family/colleagues in 2014 up until fall 2022, I then went forth and decided coaching full time was something I should be doing.
If you see me I’m a little guy so back playing football I always noticed me having that sense of proving myself. I really captivated on hard work, technique, and a healthy (competitive)mindset. I managed to network myself around high level football college coaches and boxing specialists as well as managers who wanted to help me compete at a professional level. I take those characteristics within myself and convert it to those who are willing to gain more of those traits among themselves.

Personal Trainer in Las Vegas

My current clientele range from active fighters to everyday people all with a specific goal ranging from weight loss to muscle gain, boxing fundamentals, and nutrition. I supplement to your needs from all ages to the best of my ability. I ensure a fun safe and encouraging environment along with 10+ years of experience and counting—- to ultimately make you feel more comfortable with yourself mentally, physically, spiritually. The growth and opportunities that await training you are clear; allow me to help you achieve your goals so that when u feel more sustainable, you’ll want to keep training with me.

Limitless Sports Medicine (Limitless Therapy Services)

At Limitless, we are re-imagining physical therapy and giving clients a better, easier way to get well. We know that for physical therapy to better serve you, you need treatment where you are comfortable and when it’s most convenient for you – and that’s what we do! Physical therapy is powerful for developing strength, rehabbing injuries, and recovering from (or avoiding) surgery. Our expert team optimizes all aspects of injury recovery by combining individualized care with return-to-sport programming, scientific research, and years of practical clinical experience. Through our integrative services and treatments supporting the full spectrum of wellness, we can guide you to what’s right for your vision of active well-being.

Mike Schmitz – Personal Trainer in Las Vegas, NV

Certified Master Trainer  – Mike Schmitz is the driving force behind Dedication PT and he has been working with athletes of all levels for over 25 years in Wisconsin and Las Vegas Nevada! As a Sports Performance Specialist, Mike is skilled in increasing an athletes speed, agility, acceleration, and strength quickly and efficiently.
Mike’s experience and ability does not stop there. Mike continued his education and has received certifications as a Nutrition Specialist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Genetics Based Programming Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and as a Transformation Specialist.
Since spending much of his free time studying and learning, Mike became an Personal Trainer Instructor at a local Tech School in Las Vegas and taught advanced courses such in Performance Enhancement Specialist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Exercise Physiology, Corrective Exercise, and Anatomy and Physiology.
Mikes abilities extend beyond training athletes. He has had the pleasure of working with competitive fitness and bodybuilding athletes, collegiate and professional athletes, weight loss clients, lifestyle management clients, and has success in developing in person and online programs that get results.
Corrective Exercise is one of Mike’s biggest passions. Working with those who have suffered injuries or have general mobility issues is something he takes very seriously. Pain during movement is not normal and not a sign of getting older. No one should dread walking up stairs, reaching above their heads, or getting up from a chair due to pain. As a compliment to any physical therapy or chiropractic care, Mikes ability to increase a client’s mobility through Corrective Exercise is unmatched.
Mikes philosophy is ‘keep it simple’. Whether it be your nutrition plan or your training. Things don’t have to be mentally difficult or hard to understand. Let me worry about the science and you worry about being dedicated and committed. I’ll provide the road map to get you where you want to go!

Education and Certifications
• ISSA Certified:
• Master Trainer
• Corrective Exercise Specialist
• Strength and Conditioning Specialist
• Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist
• Fitness Nutrition Specialist
• Genetics Based Programming Specialist
• Transformation Specialist
• Fitness Trainer
• Continuing Education (CEU’s) on a regular basis

Prince Ortquist – Personal Trainer

Hey I’m Prince and I’m a Las Vegas based Personal Trainer. Fitness to me started as a family tradition because my father got me started and then I used fitness to help with sports I’ve played and for labor jobs I’ve worked. The more I learned about health and fitness the more I realized it would be a great service to share what I learned with others and to help them not just physically but mentally as well.
I’ve helped clients from all walks of life reach all kinds of goals. Ranging from building muscle, burning fat, and functional strength training. I also specialize in strength training for sports performance.
I give clients my time and effort and all I ask is the same in return.

Raymond Barcenilla – Personal Trainer in Las Vegas

Hello there!

My name is Raymond Barcenilla you can call me Ray. Originally from New Jersey I moved here to Las Vegas 14 years ago. Im pretty much born and raised on the west coast but I still hold dear my east coast roots.

I specialize in Weight loss, body transformation, marathon training, Spartan Race, Hyrox training, boxing and Kickboxing.

One thing that I realized very early on, I had a strong passion to be a teacher in whatever it is I know. I loved to teach those who are willing to learn whether it be weight training, boxing, kickboxing, spartan race anything fitness related.

Once I found out I can make a career teaching people that they are stronger than they realize, I went out and got certified to follow my dreams.

I have been a personal trainer for 4 years full time and I truly love what I do. I took the full leap into personal training once I got furloughed from my full time job during the pandemic. I had very humble beginnings as a trainer. Training people with very minimal equipment in my garage, with masks on.

I realized the enjoyment and fulfillment I received from helping people reach their goals is what I want to do with my life from then everything changed for me.

My fitness journey started like many others journeys. I was a young kid who was bullied about my appearance, which lead to bad body image issues, honestly I still battle with these same issues. Which overall killed my self esteem so early as a kid.

I found the gym at a young age of 13 years old, it absolutely altered my life from that point. It gave me the confidence and increased my self esteem. At 16 I found myself in my first boxing gym, and then my life took another turn. I have been a life long martial artist since that point, training in many disciplines, but the self confidence boxing and Muay Thai have given me, Truly saved my life.

I now train in Endurance sport competitions such as marathons and a life long goal of doing an Iron Man.

If you are looking for a trainer that understands life is hard, but you are stronger. A trainer that will help believe in you even when you dont believe in yourself. A trainer that will push you hard. That understands the fitness journey is not linear, it has bumps and bruises on the way.

If you’re ready to train, committed to your goals.

I am your guy

Shoot me a DM on Instagram @Ray.B.Fit

Robert Alvarez – Personal Trainer in Las Vegas, NV

Personal Trainer in Las Vegas, NV – Hi! I’m Rob and I’m a dedicated personal trainer based in Las Vegas, NV, with five years of experience in the field. My journey into the world of fitness began in college, where I used weight training as a means to manage stress and transform from being naturally skinny in high school. This initial spark of passion for fitness evolved into a rewarding career as a personal trainer.

What sets my profession apart is my profound commitment to helping clients attain their fitness goals. Whether they seek physical fitness, mental well-being, or other personal objectives, I find immense satisfaction in witnessing their progress and breakthroughs.

Beyond my role as a personal trainer, I share a profound love for baseball, particularly the New York Yankees. This passion is something my wife and I cherish together, as we have set out on our own journey to visit all 30 MLB stadiums.

What makes my background more intriguing is how I got into this role. Early in college I explored several different roles, including nursing, physical therapy, and public health, before finding my true calling in Kinesiology. During this journey the one thing I knew I wanted to do is help others.

My approach to personal training is multifaceted. I work with a diverse clientele, ranging from athletes seeking to enhance their sports performance through strength, speed, and injury prevention, to beginners and individuals striving to progress in their fitness journeys. For all my clients, I serve as a valuable resource, offering not just physical training but also a wealth of knowledge and guidance. My commitment to learning not only helps embrace the individuality of each client, but when faced with unfamiliar challenges, I make it my mission to acquire the necessary knowledge to assist them. I never tell a client that you don’t know something; instead, I’ll proactively seek answers to their questions, reinforcing my dedication to providing the best possible service.

Let’s work together on achieve the goals you have!

Romel Marquez – Boxing Coach & Personal Trainer in Las Vegas

Personal Trainer in Las Vegas – Meet Coach Romel, a passionate and experienced boxing coach with a profound passion for the sweet science and the world of performance training and bodybuilding. I specialize in working with beginner to professional level combat sports athletes (Boxing/MMA) and also work with busy individuals who want to improve their physical and mental health. With a journey that began over a decade ago as a sports enthusiast, playing and training for various sports such as Baseball, Basketball and Football, I’ve immersed myself in the intricate blend of combat sports and fitness.

My journey in the sports world began at the age of 10, inspired by a handful of legends that include Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Manny Pacquiao, LaDanian Tomlinson, and Barry Bonds. That initial spark by these legends ignited a lifelong love for all sports and training disciplines alike. From the time I hit my first home run to when I laced up my first pair of boxing gloves, I knew coaching and guiding others through these disciplines was my true calling.

Driven by this passion, I pursued education and knowledge in order to become the best coach I can be. This foundation of knowledge equipped me with the know-how and understanding needed to excel in the field. I took a hands-on approach and dove into various training methods with myself while also taking a few specialized courses in order to enrich my approach to coaching.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working with diverse clients, from eager beginners to seasoned professionals. My coaching philosophy revolves around hard work and dedication while also making your training sessions a fun environment as well—essential components for success in anything you’re trying to accomplish.

For those taking their first steps into the world of boxing, I offer patient and structured training sessions. I focus on fundamental techniques, footwork, and conditioning, instilling discipline and dedication to motivate athletes on their journey. Watching them develop a love for the sport and witnessing their foundational growth is incredibly rewarding.

Beyond boxing, my reach extends into the domains of bodybuilding and performance training. I work closely with individuals looking to shape their bodies, increase strength, and improve their overall athletic performance. Creating customized workout routines and offering dietary advice are crucial in helping clients reach their fitness and physique goals.

Whether you are new to fitness or looking to level up in not only your boxing development, but in life, I am here to support and guide you every step of the way. As I continue to share my knowledge and passion for boxing and fitness, I strive to be a source of inspiration for aspiring athletes and enthusiasts, empowering them to reach their full potential both inside and outside of the gym!

Sam “Sambition” Wallace – Personal Trainer in Las Vegas

Personal Trainer in Las Vegas – Hey there! I’m Sam “Sambition” Wallace, and I’m passionate about helping individuals transform their bodies and lives through fitness. With years of experience as a bodybuilder coach, I excel in guiding clients to build lean muscle and achieve their physique goals through personalized training programs and expert guidance. My background in coaching agility and speed at the semi-pro and college football level brings a dynamic edge to my training approach, catering to athletes aspiring for peak performance.

Beyond muscle building and athletic performance, I specialize in weight loss, leveraging my collaborative work with a dedicated nutritional and herbal team to provide holistic solutions for sustainable results. As a recovery coach, I’ve supported clients across the spectrum, from NFL players to high school athletes, in overcoming injuries and reclaiming their strength.

My coaching philosophy centers on empowering individuals to unleash their full potential, whether it’s sculpting a muscular physique, enhancing athletic prowess, or navigating the journey to optimal health. With a focus on personalized attention, holistic wellness, and unwavering support, I’m committed to guiding you towards your fitness and performance aspirations. Together, let’s embark on a transformative fitness journey and unlock your true strength.

Shashi Asnani – Martial Arts Personal Trainer in Las Vegas

Martial Arts Personal Trainer in Las Vegas – Vegas Born and raised grew up training in American Kenpo and competing at the Black Belt Level in PKA Kickboxing. At the age of 14 I was running classes and programs at the gym I was training at for both kids and adults. Started standard body building weight training at the age of 16. At 19 I started training at Cobra Kai Jiu- Jitsu training under Simpson Go for BJJ and Sean Spees ( Strength and Conditioning Specialist, RKC Certified, Strength Coach for Multiple UFC /MMA Champions Fighters including Chris Holdsworth and Johnny Hendricks) I begin to fall in love with functional fitness and grappling! I was an assistant coach for both the kids and adult classes and became proficient in Kettlebells, Battle ropes, strength training that had more of a real world application. I am Nasm Certified, Black Belt in American Kenpo, Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I have won and meddled in multiple regional tournaments in both BJJ and Kickboxing. I have trained hundreds of people in how to defend themselves and properly lift weights and program correctly. If you are looking to train different and become functionally fit and learn how to defend yourself I am you the coach for you.

Will Moreira – Certified Master Trainer

I am certified Master trainer through the National Academy of Sports and Medicine, and also have a bachelors degree in International Business Management. Fluent Spanish, English, Portuguese and some intermediate level French.My areas of expertise are: Weight lost expert, Corrective Exercises, Precision Nutrition, Bodybuilding, Youth training and Senior training.

What makes life exciting and interesting is to live life with a Purpose, and I found my purpose which is to help others through fitness. I Believe that a well balanced and healthy lifestyle is achieved when you BODY, MIND and SOUL are aligned.

I am a NPC National level Athlete, multiple times class winner and two times overall winner. My ultimate fitness goal is to turn Professional and belong to the most prestigious league of Bodybuilding in the world IFBB.

I am the Will missing to your Power.

Zac Cupples – Las Vegas Personal Trainer

Las Vegas Personal Trainer – Dr. Zac Cupples, PT, DPT is a Physical Therapist and Strength Coach who utilizes a multi modal approach to help his clients optimize their health and performance; including physical therapy, strength and conditioning, myofunctional therapy, sleep management, nutrition, sports science, and more.

Zac completed his doctoral degree and orthopedic residency at St. Ambrose University. He has worked in a wide variety of settings; including the NBA, pain management, worker’s compensation, travel physical therapy, telehealth, and more.

Zac runs zaccupples.com, educates rehabilitation and performance professionals via mentoring, and offers online movement consultations and training. He is a sought-after international speaker, teaching his seminar Human Matrix: The Code for Maximal Health and Performance across the US and beyond.

Zoe Wolfenbarger – Health & Fitness Coach

My name is Zoe and I’ve been training at Self Made for three years now. I am blessed to have the opportunity to share my love of health and fitness as a job. I played college volleyball and have been coached by some of the best coaches so coaching the next generation of ballers is a strength of mine. However, I have coached all age groups starting at 6 years old and going all the way up to 80 years old. I also have a one year old daughter so I have experience in working out pregnant and post partum (C section). Learning to rehabilitate my own core was a journey and I’m passionate about giving that information to my fellow mamas out there. Looking forward to working with you soon 💪🏽